I'm getting surrounded by people getting engaged!

I've had 3 friends get engaged in the past 3 weeks. All three are close to my age. Crazy stuff. Plus at least 2 PF bloggers got engaged this past week-end! I wonder if there's a correlation between the fininical crisis and the increase in engagements? Food for thought.

BTW week-ends plans are at a stand still right now. Being about 12 hours away makes making concerete plans a wee bit hard to organize. LOL. I told a good friend about the potential plan and she's dumb founded about the whole thing. She couldn't believe the whole 20 + year time line.

Considering I haven't dated in years ( by choice I did not want to be a mom who changed men like they did their underwear), it's a little intimidating.

I'm putting myself out there again... Oh and I'll say it's scary.


Anonymous said…
Yes, there are a lot of engagements! And babies.. lots of babies too...

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