Good times

I'm glad i made the decision to move closer to work. A much better decision all the way around! I'm much more relaxed and I feel like I'm home. My landlady is very kind and we usually end up chatting for an hour or more every evening.

I have the run of the downstairs, plus my own bathroom, and a queen sized bed ( the same as what I have at home). She even bought new items for the bathroom like a mat, shower curtain and towels.

Today I spent the last of my 10.00, 1.54 for coffee, 1 for a lotto pool and 2 tonight while playing Dice for the first time ( I lost both games but I had fun). Plus my work mates tool me out for lunch for a belated birthday, so I ate for free again! Plus my landlady cooked supper tonight, so she fed me too!

This week-end, I work tomorrow night, then Saturday will be devoted to the house, plus going to my mothers for supper. Sunday I'm going to be working 1/2 the day. Next week I'll be travelling most of the week. I'll only be gone 1 night next week. ( Monday). I have my first big test celebrating turning 40...

The mammogram ( or in my words the T#t squish), so I can get myself set up with a base line. I guess this really a year of firsts in my little family.

TGIF everyone!


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