The fun is over for another year

Halloween is over, now its time to take the decorations down and start to prep for Christmas. ( No worries I won't start until December 4).

I had about 40 kids last night, and it was so beautiful. DD took her little cousin out and they did about 20 houses. He had lots of fun and so did DD. I ended up throwing a costume on and going out with some friends. A good local band was playing and we had fun. DD had 2 friends stay the night, so they stayed up late watching horror movies and eating junk.

The day was filled with events, among the catching 2 11 year old making gasoline torches across from my house just after lunch. ( It happened while puppy and and I were finishing our walk). I confiscated the rags and gas and turned it over to the police. I later ran into the 2 boys at the library and they didn't stay long. I did find out that they are left to their own devices with minimal supervision all day , every day. They had very little regard for themselves and the community, but while thinking about it, why would they? If they don't get it at home why would they in public?

One boy demanded that I pay him for the gas, and I laughed and said no. After I took their stuff ( with some help from the dog, who was so excited that he wrapped himself around one, and tipped the boy over and the pop bottle of gas came rolling out from under him), I wandered around the neighbourhood, until they left, as the ringleader wanted to know where I lived.( Sorry little guy but I like my house the way it is).

I ended up spending about 27 yesterday on extra treats ( I would have run out otherwise), plus my bad habit. Oh and I resisted buy a book at our libraries book sale BTW. I had it in my hand , and remembered my task.


The Witch said…
That's a very exciting day you had.
Sounds like puppy even had a little fun.
Canadian Saver said…
Oh man that is scary!! I hope they were just doing it for Halloween, not every day. I'm terrified of fire, I don't know what I'd do if I had neighbors like that!
Just an update on the boys, had another run in with them, and they had set a fire in the woods. I'll be calling social development tomorrow to speak to their social workers. That's one good thing about living in a small town, you can get names and details. I've made plans for people to come and stay with DD this week. Plus puppy will not be in his kennel during the day as if people are roaming he's in the window howling!
Money Funk said…
Okay, that is scary about the gas + boys. and they set fire in the woods? did no law enforcement enact on it? wow. stay safe.

but I am glad your Halloween was good. I love trick-or-treating but my kids say they are too old for it. Whatever! my daughter is only 9. But we did go to a party and had some fun. Especially because as a Californian, I got an extra hour to party due to the time change. woo hoo!

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