Friday night earnings and Saturday spending

Last night I worked until 1:00 am. I can home after tip-out and paying for supper, plus paying 5.00 for part of my nephews Christmas gift with 110.00 !
Plus my pay for 82.78. I needed to add 50 to the bank to cover the oil bill ( 222 plus service charges 10.95.

So I had 60.00 left. Ten went into the jar at home for the week. I usually like to leave 20, but 10 will do.I paid 16.00 to pick up my boot from the repair shop. 5.65 on 4 coloring books, plus a bag of sour cream and onion rings, 12.75 for a lotto ticket and my bad habit, 15.90 for a few groceries ( bread, milk, clementines, sub buns and pork chops). Plus I returned by recyclables for 3.45. I have 3.00 for the week again.

Plus I've decided to quit smoking ( again), but this time I had someone tell me that I'd be a nasty person if I quit in the 20 months, so I mentally get this person the one finger salute and said : "Tuesday, its on". By nature I'm quite stubborn, and I never had anyone say something like that to me before, so bring it on. LOL I will have to use my Visa to buy something for the nicotine habit, but this time I'll let my stubborn side win out! I'll use aversion therapy too, ( when I want one , I'll smell the ash can... gross I know but I've seen this technique work).

I'm also looking to work on December 5th, as i find it helpful to the budget to work in between pay days.

Oh and the added bonus for today, I got the 20 times the points today at Shoppers and didn't have to spend my own money! DD needed to get some stuff for drama today ( the school paid) and I gave her my card. I'm 4,000 under to get the maximum points but I'll borrow them from my dad. So I'll have 150.00 worth of free stuff at Shoppers for Christmas ( more if I wait for when they have the 50.00 extra bonus which is usually the first or second week in December).
DD's excited, as this is when I buy the chocolate and goodies like that).

I also remembered to return the library books and borrowed 2 movies. I plan on watching them tonight with DD, while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate or crystal light.

Tomorrow will be spent marking, cleaning and baking cookies. Plus taking my boy for a long walk, like I did today.


Canadian Saver said…
That is a big amount of extra money :-)

My dad used the patch to stop smoking and it worked extremely well for him. He'd been smoking for like 50 years, 2-3 packs a day, and he never looked back once he started!!

Good luck!

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