Calming down and quitting smoking.

I've calmed down and had a good chat with DD. I feel much better and she's a bit sheepish right now.

I've just smoke my last cigarette, and I'm all prepped for tomorrow. I'll me chewing on nicorette and crunching on suckers and candy for the next few days. Plus carrots and celery.

I've got my plan and I'll stick with it. I'll need some moral support over the next few weeks as I've been smoking for a long time...

But it'll be much better in the long run. I plan on walking a few times a day and doing a bit of yoga.

I've been blessed with some great things this year, and the bigget thing I can give myelf now is no longer smoking. My stubborn nature will help!

Writing here is my therapy and I thank you all for your support.


Moonblossom said…
Good Luck, I know you can do it!!!
Canadian Saver said…
Good luck, you can do it!!
Anonymous said…
Good luck!!!! :)
The Witch said…
Good luck!!
I'm sure it will be very hard but the end results will be fantastic.
You'll feel better and have some extra cash.

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