That's what's left in my bank account right now... But everything is paid except the visa and MC. I also get paid from my pt job this week, plus the CTC will be deposited this week which will cover my oil bill.

Plus I'll make tip money on Friday and that's a saving grace right now. ( I'm shooting for 100.00), as that will cover anything I need. I have lots of food and about 2/3 of a tank of gas.

The last weekend of the month will be expensive however. Its my god daughters birthday and her sisters baptism. I'll give the baby money for her RESP account and add to my god daughters RESP. Plus a friend of DD's will be coming for the week-end and I'll have to buy some extra groceries.

For Christmas I'll buy them both books ( as always). I'm hoping to get a few things next week for Christmas namely PJ's and coloring books. I have a tradition of buying all the kids in the family a new box of crayons and a coloring book for Christmas. I usually spend 2.00 for both ( the crayons are always on sale in September). They all look forward to it.

I have about 3.00 in change to spend this week... But I'm going to see how long I can hold on to it with out spending anything... Wish me luck.


The Witch said…
I'm wishing you luck.
Hope you get the $100.00 in tips.
We always leave a good tip if the service is good. If it's bad you'll know because I usually tell the owner why.
Don't know if this is the right way to handle the situation or not?
Whats your take on it?
Dear witch, You handle it right. If the service is bad no tip and tell the manager why. One of the biggst things I've noticed that sometimes it depends on the inital interaction. If I make a mistake i owe up to it to the table and try to fix the problem ASAP. I honestly make a minor mistake once per shift. Major ones about every 4 months or so. Most people love it when your honest with them. I usually give a discount on the item that's cause the problem or take it right off the bill. By doing this people will come back again. PS the owner gets a tad upset when i do this, but I tell him, your in the maritimes and thats what we do!

Another behaviour that I've noticed is that some customers treat servers like they are stupid. Most servers are fairly intelligent but I've had people treat me like I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag. I've been known to let people know when taking payment, that I've got a FT gov't job, you should see the looks on their faces. Petty I know but its the attitude some times that irritates me.

I get stiffed usually once/shift, and considering that we have an automatic tip out to the kitchen ( 2.5% of total sales so if I sell 1,000.00 I have to tip the kitchen 25.00), so if the service is so/so but the food is good you could leavea tip specifically for the kitchen.

Take care !

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