the work week is offically half over!

I'll be driving home for the week-end in less than 48 hours, and will have my few belongings with me, as I move in to my new residence next week.

I've spent very little so far this week, as I don't need anything ( except gas), plus it helps when I leave my bank card at home! Gas it supposed to be going up by 4 cents a litre tonight, which will bring gas to about 1.04. OUCH...

I did find out today that I'll be getting a small raise in December, which will go on debt repayment.

Oh, and DD informed me that I need to pay 450.00 for an education trip ASAP... :0(, but its an opportunity for her to meet like minded teens from across Canada, so money well spent. Plus she's been applying for scholarships like crazy ( not academics based ones, but ones that look for your community and school involvement.)

I'm starting to feel a bit better about things, so I'll just keep on moving towards the bigger picture.

I need to get my licence renewed tomorrow, as the big 40 is next week, and my licence expires on my birthday.

November will be a very low key month... Limited spending on everything, and NO spending on wants...


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