What I ended up doing on Saturday and plans for today

Yesterday i managed to read a couple of chapters ahead in one text book. I also hung out with DD and we went to a local farm that was doing a fund raiser for the local hospital. I ran into some old friends and made plans to go out in a few weeks. While we there, we bought pumpkins, watermelon and zucchini. I spent a total of 12.00. DD wants to glaze 6 of the pumpkins, so I'm off today to buy white glue and sparkles for the project. I also need to swing by the bulk barn and buy puppy some more raw hide bones.

I was checking out the flyers yesterday and saw that CT has Dutch ovens on for 32.96. I have over 21.00 in CT money, so for under 15.00 I can buy myself a 3.5 quart one. I usually don't buy things like this, but I've wanted one for over a year now ( since they were last on sale), and I think I'll get it.

Oh and I made 90.00 last night ( 10 under my goals), plus I worked for 7.5 hours. The pay check is geared towards the oil bill and to boost up my x-mas fund.

So the 90 in made last night will be going towards buying a few things for the house ( around 40.00), plus DD is leaving to participate in RUN FOR THE CURE in another city, so she'll be gone most of the day. I'll give her 40.00 for the day, and what she doesn't use, I'll leave in the house fund.

Every week when i leave, i always leave a 20 in the grocery jar in case she needs anything. Like a prescription filled or food or an event is happening at school. She's only used it once, so it's nice knowing she's being responsible.

I have been working on my budget... I'll have to keep working every second week at my PT job, but she's going to let me work on Fridays, so I get 2 days off every week. ( it'll average about 150 every 2 weeks).


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