Today is pay day and other random stuff

I got paid today so I paid the hydro, phone, satelitte, water ( even though its not due yet), propane.

I had an issue last night where I'm staying. I was writing a post for here on word, and she leaned over and tried to read what I was writing. TG I only had 2 lines written! Then this morning, she tells me not to forget to unplug the coffee maker, as I forgot yesterday. ( I turn it off and normally unplug it). I also discovered Monday night she had unplugged my alarm clock and the minute part no longer works! Oh and this morning while listening to the radio while getting ready for work, she told me to turn it off... I'll be looking for a new place for November, as I don't need another mother and she's younger than I am.

I will find a place with cheaper rent and closer, so I can cut back on my mileage and gas expenses.


Canadian Saver said…
Oh that would REALLY, REALLY drive me crazy!!! When I lived in Grand Falls, the house owners would come into my apartment while I was gone... I noticed stuff they touched while I was out. I hated the invasion of privacy.

Do you share all living areas with her?? Try to find something where you have your own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom at least?

Good luck!
Christine said…
I am so sorry to hear that your place of stay is not working out for you. I do wish you the best of energy in locating and moving to a new place quickly & painlessly.
Ah geez! That drives me nuts too! I like Canadian Saver's suggestion, that while you are looking for a new place, try to find a place that is just for you. Perhaps closing your bedroom door (assuming you aren't open concept) would do the trick. At least that way you can control the entry.
The Witch said…
Creepy. Hope you find something as soon as possible.

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