Time is flying by...

We've started in to October already? Work wise things are slowly getting better. I'm a bit behind, but trying to catch up , and going to revise a few things as I'm going to run out of time.

On the home front, DD has to go see our family Dr about her elbow. Yep, the radiologist took a second look and found something. My mom is going to take her to the appointment, as its my busy day at work. DD and I talked about it last night and agreed if she ends up needing surgery on it, then she go see her therapist before hand, for coping strategies. We'll have to wait and see though. I'll make sure my mother takes my work number with her to the appointment, as they can call me if necessary.

I must say it was wonderful getting home early yesterday. I managed to go the bank and pay down some debt! ( 300 towards the 2700 to mom, 360 on VISA #1 ( the balance is finally under 11,000).

I tidied up the pantry again this morning, and i still need to do a bit more. I also need to clean the keyboard, as it has puppy prints ( think dirty paws) all over it.

It's really nice outside and I've done a bit of work outside already. I really should mow the lawn one last time, but I'll put it off until tomorrow. I'm working tonight @ 4, and I want to make at least 100.00. Next week I work on Friday night, so I actually have 3 days off!

I haven't managed to get very much of my "paid work" done, so it's looking like later on tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll do some more reading this afternoon, so i can make my notes up tonight...


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