So far today, October 17/09

So far I've managed to purchase and install the attic insulation, total cost 49.00. I also brought a long winter coat in to a seamstress to have shortened. I love this coat and bought it about 5 years ago at a second hand store for about 15.00. I had it dry cleaned for about another 15.00. It'll cost probably 30 at the most to have it shortened.

I also went on my roof for the first time ever. I had a few moments of panic when it was time to come down ( actually I froze in panic for about 15 seconds, but quickly realized how stupid I'll feel if someone had to come and lift me off the roof, so I dealt with my fear, with legs quivering, and got down the ladder).

The lawn is mowed for the last time this year, and I also got the majority of stuff put away and things organized. Plus the shovels are out, ready to be used.

I'm off to get cleaned up and ready to have a coffee with a friend. I may ask her to come with me to find blinds ( yet another thing I have to get, as it looks bad having just a sheet strung across my bedroom window).

Puppy was outside for about 2.5 hours this morning and had a short walk, but I'm still planning on at least another 1/2 walk with him late on this afternoon.


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