Saturday October 10?2009

Yesterday I sent 69 @ Shoppers... Mostly on groceries. I spent another 35 at the grocery store. DD has a friends visiting from away this week-end, and my grocery costs went up. I really need to stop stocking up. I have enough food in mt pantry to last a couple of months. Mt plan is to just buy the bare necessities for the next month! Like milk and fruit. I wonder if I could get away with spending under 30/week for the next 4 weeks? I guess the challenge is on!

I can't include the dog and cat food in this, as the dog's food is 20+/ bag. It's doable!

I also found a pair of winter boots yesterday. I'll pick them up next week. With tax they come to just under 140.00. Considering I have not bought boots in over 6 years, I think I'm due. DD needs a pair too, but she'll have to pick them out! I'll post a picture of them when i get them home. I also need to get a collapsible shovel for my car, and I need to get an emergency kit together for it.

I still can't get the blog fixed with a new background. I'll keep trying! I'm also getting excited to talk to my new potential landlady! I'll save on gas money, plus over 200 kms a week on my vehicle.

I got the satellite dish fixed yesterday. It was 85.00, but it actually works now! Plus DD bought a new DVD player ( 35.00) and it works too!

I also spent 20 at the second hand store yesterday. I bought a sweater/cape for the office ( as I tend to get cold), a paisley turtleneck ( its cuter than it sounds ) and Dd got a new skirt. We also went to the used book store and found a few treasures. I had a credit note, so no actual money crossed hands.


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