Monday October 19/09

Yesterday I took a sick day or what I called a mental health day. I still haven't tackled the dreaded paperwork but at least its out of the laundry basket. I did however did do some heavy cleaning of the spare room, hallway and the back entry. I washed walls, ceilings, floors etc. I also cooked chef Micheal Smiths "bacon potato cheddar tart" for supper along with steak and broccoli. I had enough leftovers for my lunch today and DD for tonight.

I mentally feel better and realized that I've been doing my new job for just about 2 months. its not getting easier, but at least i've come to the realization that the next 2 years will be like this, so I've just got to deal with it! At least i can look forward to being off most of next summer!

I also need to deal with the ostrich in me and get my head out of the sand yet again. However at least I have the knowledge base now to look at everything realistically and get on with htings. Havea great week!


Money Funk said…
You sound as if your dream job is not panning out as expected. Perhaps you are still trying to acclimate to your new surroundings. It doesn't help that you have to move either. Give it another 3 months and you should be feeling peachy. :) Don't you get a break for Thanksgiving & Christmas. That may help the mental anguish, too.

BTW, that tart sounds delish!
The Witch said…
You sound a little down and overwhelmed right now. You have a lot on your plate with all the reno's you have done, new job, and finding another place to live. Plus being away from "DD" and your family.
It will get better. Just keep your head up and think ahead to all the nice Summer days you can spend at the beach.
Your both right. My dream job is OK, I thought that we would get a bit more support, but basically we're flying by the seat of our pants with very little guidance.

I do feel overwhelmed by times, some week-ends I have about 30 hours total to get stuff done. Which now that I look at it is a lot of time.
Yesterday I alloted so many hours per room and managed to get it finished. I think that's what I'll have to do, break down by times my chore/to do list... I've had great success with using that technique in the past.

Things will get better, just sometimes we get in a little funk... Plus the lack of regular sunshine this year hasn't helped. I'm glad I can use this forum to talk things out, instead of having it rattle around in my brain!

The tart was yummy. Using the micro planner on the garlic and onion was great( it looked like apple sauce). It's a winter treat for us, and I use my dutch oven once again. I hope to make it again soon.

I'm looking forward to a week on the beach this summer ( mid August).

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