Making decisions...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when it comes to making life changing decisions, I usually do very little thinking and go with my gut ( so far this year, new vehicle, new job, and in the not so distance past buying my house).

But when it comes to the small, every day things it usually takes me a very long time to make a decision ( like quitting smoking... BTW I'm down to 3 packages/7 days, and getting adjusted to smoking less every day).

So today, while I was roaming around the town I work in, I made the decision that I will not buy myself any new books for the rest of 2009. ( 63 days and counting). I love books, but I have to get reaquainted with the library once again. ( I'm strongly considering challenging myself not to buy any books or magazines in 2010, like Canadian saver did in 2008).

I've also decided to give myself an allowance of sorts for each week ( 10.00 to spend on what ever I want, including coffee). That's what I had in my wallet when I can to work this week minus my bank card, actually it was 8.00 and I still have 1.75 in change left. I could buy a case of pop to keep at my desk, or chips from the dollar store or what ever but when the 10 is gone its gone!

I've also need to finalize my Christams giving list this week-end.

For my sister and her family a pass to the movies ( I figure 40.00 should cover them).

For my brother and his family same thing but more money ( 80.00 should cover the family).

My other sister I'll add some things to the box my mom sends ( loose tea, ganong's CHICKEN BONES candy, and something else).( 25 max)

Parents ( I'll talk to my sisters and see what they think, some type of group gift is good). ( 50 max)

DD- all that's left is the pj's, chocolate and new book, plus maybe something else. ( 100 max)

My god daughter a book for some kind, plus one for her little sister. ( 50 max)

Anyone else I'll give them my muffin mix with the recipe and add ons, so they can bake their own. ( 20 max for anything I need to get).

Plus money for the tree and other things. ( 100).

Total for xmas ( 465 - 500).


Canadian Saver said…
You've got everything all worked out! I bought my first gift today (bought online) so that's one thing I can cross off my list.

Good luck with your $10/week challenge!

As for the library, I've been very amazed at the selection that's in our NB libraries. You can search online and can now put holds on books online... everything's done via email (the notification) and it's so easy with inter library loans. I won't buy books again unless it's with or Chapters gift cards!

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