Getting motivated

I'm slowly getting motivated to get things done for both work and home. I've made a plan for the week-end, that includes everything from giving the dog a bath, to giving the bathroom an overhaul ( lots of scrubbing and a bit of paint), to spending time with DD and family. Plus I'll do some marking too!

I also made a master plan of what needs to get done in the house. I figure for now I'll have to look at getting the bathroom redone, plus some type of flooring for the living room and hall way, plus trim and new doors. I suspect that my house will be going on the market next summer, as this temporary job has the potential to turn into full time ( !!!), or transferring from my old job to a new one in the area where I'm working now.

I'm getting my action plan ready, and looking at my financial ducks. I'm commiting Saturday night to going over my budget and looking for ways to trim it down. Considering that the BIG 40 is just around the corner ( literally less than a few weeks away), if I don't have a REALISTIC plan in place, I'll just keep spinning my wheels!

Keep your fingers crossed!


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