A confession of sorts

I have to tell everyone why I've decided not to buy any more new books this year. And some of you will laugh when you read this.

I bought the same book twice about 4 months apart and didn't remember reading it until the final chapter. The first copy, ended up with my mother after I read it the first time, and the second copy ( which I paid more for incidentally) I bought last week.

How stupid do I feel? Very... Hence no more books bought by me for the rest of the year ( 62 days and counting).

I feel better making this little confession.


Anonymous said…
I have been feeling the same way lately. I have SO many unread books.

Maybe I should commit to not buying anymore books either.

So hard!! hehe

Good luck!
Canadian Saver said…
Good luck with this!! It worked very well for me in 2008... and I've been good in 2009 after discovering the library. I have bought some but got them for free so far this year...

The library is great!

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