What I've learned so far this month...

What I've learned so far this month:
Teaching is hard...
I do like it...
That it pays to talk to anyone who comes into our office space ( Like yesterday, one discussion with the right person and I got my money, plus a few calls made to my line at work or my home number). DD ended up talking to someone from my old Dept. last night on the phone for about 20 minutes, as she forgot the number to where I live during the week. LOL
I've learned that my DD is very self -sufficient and is capable of being on her own, with no wild parties happening( I have nosy neighbours and they'd tell me if it happened)
That I need to get more organized and to do it in small chunks.
To make a master list and stick it on my mirror, so that I leave with enough clothes for the week...
( This week i forgot a pair of pants and shirt... Wore a pink tee to school today that I normally wear to sleep in).

And the biggest thing... I can do anything as long as I believe in myself.

Now I'm off to red some blogs, and facebook, plus read my home e-mails!


Words of wisdom. Keep believing in yourself!!

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