Wednseday September 23/09

Today so far i spent 1.60 on a coffee. I may go out for supper as a bologna sandwich does not appeal right now. I may just go and get a salad somewhere. I'm not sure.

I spoke to another person today about the lack of the raise coming through yet ( I'm starting my 4th pay cycle with no raise in sight). So fingers crossed that this person can get something done. As it stands right now, by the end of the next pay cycle they'll owe me close to 3,000.00 I'd like the money NOW...

The money they own me, I'll pay off my MC, give some to my mother and tuck some away for Xmas, as I've raided that fund too! I'll concentrate on getting the VISA ( mine) next, the the VISA ( held jointly with my mom) paid off after that! Then the LOC after that! Plus I need to put money away for fun stuff ( like a week in PEI next summer, I can see the sea glass on the beach now!). So tonight I'll be working on a new budget, and hopefully can get my S*** in a pile ASAP.

Thanks for letting me rant. I needed it today.


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