Today so far....

I didn't spend any money yesterday! And I have no plans to spend money today either! Tomorrow I need to pay my rent and some other things so off to the bank I go...

Teaching... well sometimes I feel like I just plain suck ( for lack of a better word) at it... On the upside, I managed to down load lesson plans for 2/3 classes, plus power points and videos to show... This will make my life much easier... I have a good idea of what I'll be teaching for the next sememseter too, so I can start ordering references guides, etc for the courses.

I'm still lonesome for DD... But I'll be in my house in less than 48 hours now!

I'll only have to bring food for lunches next week ( crackers, hummus, fruit and raw veggies maybe 15 dollars at the most). I have stuff @ the house for breakfast and supper so here's hoping that I can pull this one off next week, 15 for groceries for the week and 5.00 for coffee for the week ( 3 times during the week!)

I'll check everyones blogs in the morning!


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