TGIF !!! September 18/2009

I bit the bullet today and cashed out the bulk of my TSFA, which was the start of my emergency fund! The full amount will show up in my account tomorrow morning. I have not been this broke in over 3.5 years! I cried yesterday when I saw what was left after the main things were paid, so I left work early and came home to go to the bank. I'm a bit upset that I had to do this, but I want to pay my bills and this is the only option I had left.

On a more positive note i sent an e-mail to someone in the Gov't asking what was going on.... I got a very prompt response, fingers crossed that I get cut a 2nd check next week or the week after!

I paid my rent yesterday and and up to date with that. Plus I put 15.00 worth of gas in the car... I'm getting a much need hair cut tonight ( maybe I shouldn't but I have numerous wings all over my head right now)...

I'll pay the bills tomorrow morning and see what's left!


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