Spending on Saturday and Sunday.

I ended up spending about 60 in groceries, plus 45 for gas, I gave my mom 40 for Costco, plus 8 for puppy's repaired harness, plus we went out for supper. Since I had asked that parents come to I paid for the appetizers. With tip I paid 125.00 ( 4 appetizers including mussels, wings, spinach dip and another one. 1 beer for me, pop for DD I had pan fried haddock ( It was to die for ) and DD ordered 20oz of ribs. ( She took the left over home).It was very good food and even better company.

WE came back to the house and had ice cream cake ( 24.99 from Dairy Queen). DD got 2 bouquets of flowers for her birthday too.

Yesterday DD and a friend worked on a project for school for 9 hours! I hope they do well on the project. I took puppy for a walk and my mother joined us. I also did some cleaning ( my bedroom and closet's), plus i cooked supper ( chicken breasts, carrots and instant potatoes, as I had none left), plus I made gravy using the liquid from the carrots, the little bit of fat from the chicken and chicken stock. It was really good. I also dropped off a roll of shrink wrap for windows to a friend, along with a brand new draft stopper for her front door. I'm so glad i don't have to do that job this year!

My bags are packed, and I just need to shower before I leave. But DD woke me up to tell me that she's sick. She was throwing up at 4:40 this morning. She's back to sleep now, but my mom will have to come and check on her later. Even the dog was up checking things out, so no hope for me going back to bed!

HAve a great week every one!


Frugal Dreamer said…
Sounds like a fun weekend, Birthdays usually are! :)

Have a great week!

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