The rest of yesterday...

I did manage to do 3 loads of laundry, 1 more to go. ( My sister bought me some new clothes and DD's shipment from the US came in that was 1 load there). I also went to a local pet feed store and they sell all kinds of stuff for puppy and they're cheaper and better quality than Wally Mart... Go figure. The clerk was very helpful and had lots of tips. ( He chewed through the retractable lead on Thursday and he's been rotten trying to walk... ) I think he's suffering from separation anxiety, so this up coming week he's going to be sleeping @ the house a couple of nights, and my parents will hang out with him in the day time. If some one had a doggy daycare, I'd send him in a heart beat.

I also got a hair cut ( 50 including tip) and it looks great! My hair is about 40-50 % silver now ( yes I'm lucky that the Grey is actually a pretty silvery color) and the cut of my hair makes it look even better!

I paid my 3 of the household bills in full this morning, but I still owe one company 240 for replacing the fireplace, fingers crossed the rest of the money comes soon. Plus I still am waiting for my car payments to come out, so that's a pain too.. ( close to 700 just sitting there waiting).
I'll have to call back again Monday to see what the scoop is.

I'm going to get some marking done and make up one test for this week, plus get ready the stuff ready for the group project and two tests ready for the following week. But I'll be able to hang with the family knowing that this is all done! Plus if I'm really smart I'll get my suitcase packed for the week and that'll be one less thing for tomorrow night!

Next week is a short work week, as I'll be attending a conference in my home town on Friday, so I'll be back home on Thursday night.


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