I muddle my way through...

I managed to teach my classes, but I have a long way to go yet in terms of prep. Today I want to have next weeks lessons plan down for the week. ( I love power point).

I may have managed to work late 4 days a week and leave early on Fridays... ( no classes for me those afternoons).

No change in the pay yet, but more people are aware of whats going on. I did find out that the unions signed off 3 weeks ago on the paperwork, now for the right invoices to be sent. The money is all retroactive but still...

My mom made supper for me last night . Thanks MA. DD had an accident yesterday, she slipped on a boat and banged up her elbow. We were in and out of our hospital in 1 hour last night ( she picked the right time to do it.) It was X-ray time and they saw no fractures, but they are going to have the orthopedic surgeon take a look next week to make sure. So she's in a sling and has advil to take along with a small prescription to take.

The best part of yesterday was the local college hosted a DRIVE-IN movie night. The showed it in the parking lot ( yes they got all the rights ). Admission was a donation and they sold popcorn and other stuff. The parking lot was about 2/3 full for the first movie ( it was for kids), and most people left after that. It was so funny to see little kids walking in their pjs to the bathrooms, just like it was when I was little and we'd be told, get your jammies on we're going to the drive in. DD and a few friends came too. It was there first time at a drive in and they love it! Here's hoping the college does it again.

Today is laundry day, and puppy chewed his harness, I'm off to buy a second one and take the first to a repair shop to see if they can put a metal clasp on it. I also have to work at the resturaunt tonight, so I's like to make at least 125 tonight. But we'll see.


paisley penguin said…
My dog has chewed through a couple harnesses. We just learned not o leave it on him unless we were taking him somewhere. :)
Canadian Saver said…
That drive-in sounds like a lot of fun!!

It's great you'll get to finish early on Fridays, get an early start on the road :-)

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