Getting ready for the week...

I've 2 out of 3 outlines completed, one more to go... I just have to finalize the last one. Oh and I have to have it ready for tomorrow afternoon... TG it won't take long.

Today i did laundry and we went to the beach for the afternoon. It was a wonderful way to spend the last day of the summer holiday. I did spend money on treats for everyone for the way home. DD made calzones for supper ( chicken, salami and green onions), along with a salad. She also cooked 7 bags of chicken slices for her lunches. We had salad too. She has lots of stuff to eat for the next week, and all I'll need to buy for groceries is fruit and veggies for a few weeks. I'm so ready for bed right now, so i think I'll call it a night and finish packing in the morning. I have what i'll wear this week picked out, so i just need to toss it inthe suitcase. I'll post sometime this week and track my spending.


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