Being away is harder than I thought!

Last night was very hard. I talked to DD for about 15 minutes in the evening and I missed her like crazy! I drove around the town's and stopped in to the tourism office to get a map and check some things out. I also saw some ads around for Yoga classes ( and well done ads to boot). I think that I'll be able to find a few things to keep me busy besides school work. The other instructor and I spent a better part of the afternoon wandering around getting ready for Tuesday and asking local business for small donations to give away for prizes. Everyone has been generous in giving small items ( like free meals @ the local restaurants).

I spent money yesterday , I'm thinking around 70.00 on groceries, and alarm clock and a book ( left mine at home, and no idea if there is even one around), which reminds me that I should check out the local libraries...

My landlady's daughter told me not to worry about giving the money yet ( thank god), so I'd like to pay some for the rent and some on a bill.

I'm hoping to hear word by tomorrow about my pay increase, if not I'll be sending more e-mails... Ladies and gents... Please send a little blessing my way in the way of the mantra - Could Sam please get her increase next pay day!

I can't comment on every one's posts but I've read a few today! I'll be home tomorrow night!


The Witch said…
Good luck!!!!!
I have been reading your blog for awhile now and love you sense of humor and dedication to paying off your debt, but still having a life.

Take care and drive carefully in your new wheels.
Money Funk said…
When there is change taking place there is always uncomfortable moments of settling. Take time for yourself and reflect on your accomplishments. You've done a great job! :)

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