10 things about me!

I've been tagged by Frugal Dreamer so here's 10 things about me.

1.) I have partially webbed toes... It's genetic from my mothers side of the family.

2.) My favorite books of all time are "The Stand", "Swan Song" and "The Road". All three are post-apocalyptic stories. Hum, I wonder what that says about me?

3.) In an average week I read at least 3 paperbacks ( some times more).

4.) All the art work in my home were done by me. ( I haven't touched a brush in a few years, but maybe next year)

5.) I love old grave yards. I could spend hours wandering around in them.

6.) Every city I go I check to see if there is anyone with the same last name as me ( and we're not related). Its never happened. LOL

7.) My kitchen table is a magnet for lost items...

8.) My favorite beverages are: water, coffee, pepsi ( in that order)

9.) My heaviest adult weight was 190lbs ( before I got pregnant for DD), my thinnest was 135lb, now I hover around 160-165lbs. I'd like to weight about 145-150lbs. but I've lazy...

10.) My siblings all met and were living with their spouses within 6 months. All are very happy. Me, I've never been married, engaged or lived common law.

Thanks for tagging me FD. I won't tag anyone but feel free to take part...


Frugal Dreamer said…
3 paper backs per WEEK??????


WOW. Hehe
The Witch said…
Wow, you are always so busy, even working two jobs? I can't believe you have any time to read. Start saving for the cottage vacation, you won't be sorry.
Canadian Saver said…
I love reading these :-)

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