What I managed to accomplish so far this week-end...

Laundry - finishing this one up about 3 more loads to go...
Paintings, mirrors rehung- no blinds yet ( I have 1 I can hang up)
House is vacuum, needs to be done again ( thanks to the dog)
Bathroom is finished ( including the window)
Floors washed
Litter box cleaned
Fridge is slowly getting cleaned out...
Bought groceries ( grapes, blueberries, sausage, chocolate and I forget the other thing) Spent 12.00
I also went to see a brand new baby girl, one of my best friends gave birth yesterday, so I had to go see. Too cute and so nice to hold a 15 hours old baby... Glad its not me!

Today, I baked 2 types of muffins - Chocolate chip and blueberry
granola bars ( which failed but i really tasty granola to eat for the next month or so)
chicken soup ( which I froze in 2 batches, one for me, one for DD to use).

I also went to a friends grand daughter baptism party where I had Indonesian/ Dutch food... OMG, I'm so full! Yummy, Yummy food, and a really good chocolate dessert.

I'm also going to strip my bed and put my winter sheets back on. Its 15 degrees Celsius today, so I'd like to be warm when I go to bed tonight! Although I must say this past week I've had really bad hot flashes/night sweats... Bad enough to wake me up at 4:00 am!

I'll set out a loose meal plan for this week, and make my laundry soap tonight. DD likes her messy room, so I'm not helping with anything. I'll wash the clothing that ends up in the laundry area, but I'm refusing to bring it up stairs. It can sit in the laundry basket forever at this point.

I work here in my home town for 2 days this week and then I'm gone for 3 days, 2 nights.


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