Update on job...

I'm going to take another weeks vacation as I now waiting for the unions to finish up their part. AUGH.... I still have to find a place to board but I don't want to do anything until the paperwork is finalized. I have 1 name and I may call this week just to have an idea of where I may be laying my head down at night. Considering that things have to be up and running in about 4 weeks, the government is moving very slow. I did find out my name is listed with the new job, but the wait is ugly.

I'm going to hold off on a new vehicle, I'll borrow one from my parents during the week and use mine when I'm home. DD's other grandmother has agreed to stay with her 1 night a week when I'm away.

SO this weeks vacation will be getting the house cleaned, painted and organized, plus if it sunny tubing. I also have a wedding and most likely a day at the beach. I'll also get the furnace cleaned, plus pay for my oil ( post dated cheques). I also have items for the Sally Ann and I still need some more clothes. My 2 blouses, 5 sweaters and 2 pairs of pants are not going to do it. But I have great shoes now. LOL


Canadian Saver said…
The not knowing must be really really nervewrecking! At least your name is next to the job title, but still!!

Enjoy your extra week of vacation :-)

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