Today's to do list!

Today I'm going to accomplish the following:

Laundry - wash, fold, put away all the laundry
Hang up all painting and blinds ( I have to buy 3 blinds at some point too)
Strip beds.
Vacuum the house.
Clean the bathroom ( DD will do the tub)
Help DD finish her room by putting books away.
Wash bedroom floors.
Clean the litter box.
Make laundry soap.
Clean out fridge.
Meal plan for this week.
Buy groceries.
Tidy pantry and make a list of what's in there!
Bake something... Muffins and cookies I think!

I think that's enough for for today. I'll let's you all know how I make out later on !


Frugal Dreamer said…
Happy cleaning day!! :)
Canadian Saver said…
That's like 10 times more than what I like to put on my to-do list on the weekends!

Are you officially starting Monday?

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