Today's spending ( August 11/09)

Today I spent 190.oo on clothes, 3 shirts, a sweater and pants. I tried on a few dresses, but nothing that I wanted to spend my money on. I also spent 20 on a zip drive to down load documents from my old work that i'd like to keep.

DD spent a whole 56 cent for sea salt and Italian seasoning at the Bulk Barn, and its enough to last for about 6 months. DD also bought a jacket and scarf for a grand total of 15.00. That's the joy of being a size 2 I guess.

Tomorrow morning I'll be meeting with my new boss. Yeah. I'm hoping to have the rest of this week off so I can finish my projects around the house.

Yesterday i spent 8.54 @ the grocery store and DD and I went to see Orphan. I had a free pass, plus a coupon if you bought a combo you got a free movie pass. So our total for treats and movie tickets 33.29, plus I have the free pass in my purse.


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