To do list getting smaller.

Yesterday I managed to get DD into the dentist on the same day that I called ( first time ever), so I jumped on it. 159.00 later ( I'll get back about half) one thing ticked off my to do list. I also have the furnace guy coming today to clean and service the furnace, and waiting for the call for the fireplace. I also spent 12.00 @ Walmart on 2 pillows and chocolate milk and sour cream. We spent 20 @ the grocery store on 1/2 a rotisserie chicken, bread, dip, OJ, a McCains chocolate cake and 3 boxes of pasta ( on sale for 1.29/box).

Today I'm going to work from home, but we are going tubing later on today, as its going to be hot and its the one thing I really wanted to do this summer.

I also plan on doing a bit of painting this morning, and laundry. Tomorrow I'll work again ( curriculum development is NOT easy) and hopefully get the lawn mowed.


Canadian Saver said…
I can't wait to hear about your teaching adventures!! Back in 2002 I was offered a teaching position in Grand Falls but I refused it... I wasn't ready for something like that.

The tubing sounds like fun!! My sister's gone, but I haven't yet... something to add to my want-to-try list!

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