Thursday and Friday Spending

The end of the month has come and I managed not to spend anything on Friday. I did clean the spare room, plus my room and did about 6 loads of laundry. I also finally rehung the sheers in the living room, plus washed the toppers for the kitchen/ dining area. We bagged up old pillows to be disposed of ( they're 10 + years and its time for them to be tossed). I also worked last night and took tables for about 4 hours and made 75.00. Plus my wages.

Thursday I spent 40 on a hair cut, plus another 36 on groceries which included 15 spent on lunch containers and 4 on ice cream, DD kicked in the rest of the money for the ice cream. Plus I managed to get the puppy his kennel cough vaccine ( 37.00) and found out he's 15 lbs over weight... Less treats and more exercise for him. Plus he's going to the kennel next week while we're away, that will cost 80+ tax, but money well spent.

I went to work yesterday to put my time sheet in for my vacation next week and I had a ton of congratulations on my new job. I was quick to tell people that nothing is official yet... So please hold off on saying congrats...

Another great thing that happened was I got a notice in the mail about my energuide evaluation that I had completed in October of 2007. The program gives you 18 months to complete the work and I did not get the work done in time, so I figured that I'd lose out on any grants but I was fine with it. The federal government has decided that they would extend the program, so I now have until Feberuary 2011 to have the heating sysytem changed and reinsulate the basement, and I can still get the benefits.. Yes!!! Now I just need to come up with the 20,000 it'll cost to have this work done ( a heat pump and new electrical panel roughly 10,000, stripping the basement and doing it right another 10,000 but that will include putting a floor down and creating 3 rooms ( a family room, plus a storge/work shop and a bathroom/laundry room combo). A girl can dream right?

Today is going to be devoted to outside work and finishing the laundry. I'd also like to paint the front closet and entrance. I'd like to go to the farmers market and get some yellow beans for supper, plus I need paint rollers and a small brush, a small container of primer and a toilet bowl brush. Tomorrow is family day for us, so we'll be hanging out with them @ the beach.


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