Student loan in offically paid off, oh and I bought a new vehicle!

My mother loaned me the 2700 I needed to pay the student loan off! I'll pay her back @ a rate of between 100-150/month until its paid in full.

I bought a 2009 Santa Fe today. My payments will be 270 biweekly for the next 5 years. My car insurance increase by 300 for the year, which works out to be 25 more a month. So my student loan payment has just been replaced with a car payment! LOL. Oh and I got 0.9 % financing! So it'll cost 774.00 to borrow the money for the SUV...

Right now I feel like I can actually say that everything has fallen into place quite nicely! I feel like I have all the stress lifted off my shoulders, and I won't have to borrow my mothers car to go to work! Now I just have to find someone to siphon the gas out of my car and put in my mothers, as i have a full tank and she doesn't.

I'll be busy working to get caught up in the next few days! What a Day its been!

PS, some people may be wondering why I bought a brand new vehicle? Low interest cost, I got 1,000 for my 1994 Accord ( which is dying a slow and painful death right now!), plus it has a warranty, and where I'll be driving a lot for the next 2 years, I need/want something that is reliable! Plus its all wheel drive, so I can plow through snow come winter. I'll be saying for winter tires now too!


Crazy Lax Mum said…
Congratulations! That is a great car. And if you are borrowing it does make sense new over used when you factor in the low low interest, lower maintenance, reliability, etc.

Enjoy! There is nothing quite like getting a new car.
Canadian Saver said…
Enjoy your new car! My sister has a Santa Fe also and it gives a great ride... but she got (and keeps getting) awful service at her dealership (Ralley Motors). Hope you did better!!
Money Funk said…
Don't get caught siphoning that gas! Oh ya, don't accidently swallow any gas either.

You did a good job on the car. It's a reasonable car. My Hyundai runs like a charm (4 yrs old). It might also be because I take good car of it maintanance wise. I have had no major repairs on it yet.

And you got great financing on it, too!

I hope that things continue to fall into place nicely. Sweet, you got to work from home. Getting nervous about the first day of school?? You'll do great! :D
Rachelle said…
Congratulations! I almost fell to the floor when i got to your blog and saw the student loan at 100%!!

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