Saturday and Sunday spending.

Saturday I spent 31.25 @ the store, 88 @ Wal-mart and 27 @ the grocery store. I spent 14.00 on school supplies for DD, a new calculator and pens. I also bough dog food, a portable filing box, a toilet bowl brush ( the dog had eaten the last few I've bought), and my nemesis- doritios. Plus I worked my last shift @ my PT job ( she'll take me back if the new job falls through) and made 70 in tips ( not bad for 3 hours of waiting tables).

Yesterday I managed a no spend - no drive day. I did a few things around the house and DD and I joined my sister and nephew for a walk on a hiking trail. Then my sister treated us to ice cream.
For supper DD and I have chicken with home made shake N' bake, new potatoes, yellow beans and corn.

Today I'm planning on priming the areas of the house that need to be painted. Plus I plan on folding laundry and washing the new clothes I bought in Maine. I'm also going to empty the filing cabinet and bags of papers into a rough tote and tackle that mess. I may also convince DD to bake today, I'm thinking some type of cookie or muffin. It's a cool rainy day, so its good weather to bake in. I also need to make some phone calls regarding household stuff, and I'd like to cross that off my list.


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