One year later.

I started this blog last year. Its hard to believe that its only been 1 year. There's been much more good than bad this past year.

The number 1 thing I've learned this year was about hiring a contractor. I so love the way my house turned out and am so thankful that I managed to hire them. ( At the same time i was having my house done, one of the house's down the street was getting the same type of work done, and it looks really funny. I'm not sure who picked the windows and doors but they don't suit the house, plus they put dark brown siding on a very small bungalow)

I've also learned that me and credit cards are not friends, and I'm slowly learning not to count on future money to pay debt off.

I'm slowly getting my finances under control ( the month of July was not one of my better ones). I've learned that compared to my friends I'm way better with money than most, but to the other bloggers, well all i can do is learn more from everyone. I've learned how important it is to save for emergencies and to give yourself a little flexibility for fun stuff in your budget.

My goals for this up coming year? I'll put the final nail in the student loan coffin by November 1. My next goal will to pay off Visa # 1, then Visa # 2, then LOC. ( all by the end of 2011, so I can start either my masters or a certificate in business management).

I'll also need a new to me vehicle, which will mean my insurance will increase, and the gas too.

I'm still learning about the weekly meal plan, but we are getting better about not buying too much produce and then letting it go to waste.


Canadian Saver said…
You really have made great progress in a year! Can't wait to celebrate with you when November 1st comes around!

Btw, I live between the 2 areas you mentioned in your comment yesterday :-)
I LOL'ed when I read your comment! I just live further up the highway by about an hour and a half from where you are.

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