Office still not finished!

Yep, classes start very soon and when we arrived yesterday, our office still had boxes and junk still in it. So I'll be working from home until next week. I'll be using my own computer and transferring files once the laptops are ready. So I saved myself a ton of money this week by being able to work from home.

The added bonus is that I'll call to see if i can work a short shift at the restaurant this week. Fingers crossed! Yesterday I spent about 5.00 on coffee and cookies.

PS Its a good thing I came home, as i just found my wallet in my jeans pocket, which meant I drove with no license nor with my bank card or other ID. Yesh, you think i'd know better by now!


Anonymous said…
lol it is hard to remember all those things though! Here we have 48 hours to hand in but I remember when I was in Canada being panicked about always having them!!
Canadian Saver said…
Hopefully everything will be nice and finished by the time classes start!

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