Friday's happenings

I painted part of the living room, now I can finally put all the stuff back in the front closet. I did some work from home, spent the latter part of the afternoon tubing down a river. When you go tubing you drive for a while, stop rent an inner tube, join them together and float down the river. I hit one rock with my butt. They even rent little tubes for your coolers. They charge 10.00/person, but that includes having the driver of the car being driven back to where the car is located. Your car keys stay at the tube rental place. For 10 bucks its a great way to spend the afternoon.

I also attended my cousins wedding last night. It was very nice and laid back. I'm not a big fan of wedding however and bailed from the dance as soon as I could. DD went to see the Time Travelers wife and really enjoyed it.

Today will be more painting, more putting stuff away, I may attend a fair or go to see motorcycle races. Plus its DD's best friends birthday so i think we'll be going over for ice cream cake. Tomorrow DD leaves for the week and will be returning with a friend for the week-end. I have a wedding shower to attend tomorrow afternoon, and back to work Monday morning ( we have a meeting at 10:00). My fireplace will be reinstalled Monday morning, so that's another thing off my list.

I ended up spending about 45 in total yesterday. I'm hoping not to spend anything on Sunday. Today I need to get 2 cards and transfer funds to DD for the week.


Anonymous said…
"spent the latter part of the afternoon tubing down a river"

can I come with you? pretty please :0)
If you make it to this part of Canada this time next year sure thing!
paisley penguin said…
Tubing is so fun! I thought it was funny when people were using small tubes for coolers but it was perfect. Kept everything nice and cold!
Rachelle said…
where did you go tubing? i've been thinking about the Miramichi when i go back to NB for a visit. is there another spot?
That's the place to go. You can pick from either Stewart's or Kenzie's. Plus there's a place on the Nashawaka to rent tubes too, but I think you have to find someone to get you car for you. The Time and Transcript did an article on tubing in the Miramichi in early July.

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