Feeling a bit overwhelmed!

Day 1 of the new job, and I'll be very busy for the next while. We're being supplied laptops ( TG), but they're not here yet.

Lots of things to still get finished at the house ( I need to clone myself), but I've got the list written out, and plan on getting a few things done every evening. DD will be gone all next week, so the house will be very quiet. The biggest task I have is to find a spot to live in the next week.

I still need to go to my old workplace and finalize a few things. I'll be carrying over about 100 hours of vacation time, plus I'll earn 150 next year, so I'll be taking off plenty of time next summer ( 2 weeks in August for sure and probably 2 in July), and still have time left over for 2011.

I must go and get some laundry done, as I need to get pants washed so I can take them to a seamstress to have them cut and hemmed . Yes I could do it myself, but I'd rather pay the money and not have the hems fall out after the first wash. ( Cause that;s what happens when I do it).


Anonymous said…
New jobs can be very overwhelming. I do hope you feel more settled soon!
rubee said…
The first few weeks are usually quite unsettling!! Good luck with the new job.

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