Change is a good thing.

I've been reading blogs this morning and many bloggers are talking about spending less this month. I'd like to join the band wagon but I know for sure that my expenses will be up.

DD needs a few new things for school, a winter coat and boots for sure, plus some shirts. She's applying for a job at a clothing store this week, fingers crossed that she gets it.

I need a whole new wardrobe as I'll be making a career change at some point this month. I figure I'll 3 pairs of dress pants, 2 skirts, 1 pair of jeans, shirts ( at least 5), 2 jackets, 2 cardigans and a couple of turtlenecks, plus some accessories. I'll also need a couple of pairs of shoes, plus winter boots and a coat too.

I'll also need a new vehicle too, which means my car insurance will be going up, along with my gas costs too. I figure my insurance will go up to around 125, and gas/ oil changes will cost me about 400 ( I spend about 100/month now). I don't want to spend any more than 300 a month for a car payment either, plus i need to find a place to live and I'd like to pay about 400 a month ( all I want them to supply is my supper 4 nights a week, I'll provide my own breakfast and lunches).

Just writing this scares me a little... I'm thinking I may have to get a less expensive vehicle ( 10,000 or less) and keep my fingers crossed. I don't want to have to find another PT job while I'm away, but maybe if DD is working Saturday nights I could pick up a short shift at the restaurant once every few weeks.

I can't change my fixed expenses, but I can try to knock the student loan gone ASAP. I'll be working on my new budget while I'm at the beach today... It'll be like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.


Canadian Saver said…
I found 2 apartments for 2 separate jobs away from home, 1 was a basement, 1 was in someone's remodeled garage, and both times I paid $400/month but had my own kitchen. Everything but the food was included (I did laundry on weekends).

Sometimes moving on to a new job comes with large expenses that it makes you wonder if it's worth it financially in the end. When I moved from southern NB to Grand Falls in 2000, I went out and bought a brand new car that I couldn't really afford. I had rent to pay, the new car payment... I ended up really, really struggling and living paycheck to paycheck!!

Good luck figuring all this out :-)
Thanks I'll need it. LOL I want the experience more than anything, so that I can look for jobs in the same field but maybe out of province. I think I'll have to start working on my masters too in another year.

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