August 20/09

Today i spent 50 on gas and a coffee. i went to meet my new landlady, who is very nice.i also a sneak peak @ my new office as i wanted a clue of where i was going to be working. Its still under construction, and they're supposed to be done tomorrow. There is a Tim Horton's right beside the space ( which is good). I'll be paying 75/week for the room, and I'll feed myself. I'll have a bathroom to mostly myself too. I figure most nights I'll stay til about 5:30, 6 then go and eat supper do some more work and off to bed. I'll try to exercise in there too. Its about a 25 km drive 1 way from where I'm working to where I'm staying. I may only be there for a few months, but its nice to know where I'll be laying my head on Monday night. The only bummer is there is not internet connection, but I'll see if i can tap onto someone else's.

I'm going out with some freinds tonight and supect that I'll spend about 30 -40 dollars, that's including cab fare.


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