August 19/09

Today i ended up spending 52.00 roughly. 20 was to make a meal for DD's friend's family as DD's friends father passed away today ( this is the girl who stayed with us last winter). I cooked chicken pieces and the making for a spinach and strawberry salad. I had a good chat with her mom tonight when I dropped off the food. Love you guys and thinking of you. God Bless your dad, he'll be watching over you. DD will be coming home tomorrow.

I had to make an emergency purchase tonight of a collar for puppy, as he was playing fetch and snapped his collar. Luckily a friend was strong enough to pick puppy up and bring him into the house.

I've made contact with a text book company and have access to their web site now! I've also got the text I'll be using for 2 courses on order, I'll be using my old edition to get me started.

I'm going to clean the house tonight, fold laundry and get stuff finished. Tomorrow I'll work, then I'm going out tomorrow night. Friday I'll work all day, plus the week-end will be spent working and doing stuff around the house.

Wish me luck!


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