Student loan is 322?.?? It'll be under the 3000 mark by mid August unless something really crazy happens. I'm still on target for it to be paid by Nov 1 if all goes well.

My spending was way out of control this month. I'll be over budget by a lot. Like 3,000 over. Credit cards are not my friends. The bathtub, the car repairs and some of DD's trip spending are the 3,000, plus twice I forgot my debit card and was at the grocery store..

I never did get strawberry picking... And the quality was so so this year.

I still haven't cleaned the windows yet as the humidity too high and they dry streaky, not a look I'm going for. Tried to install the new house numbers.. Failed, I need to put them on a board first, then drill the board to the house. I also tried to install the light bulbs in the new light fixtures, failed as well as I can't get the screws out...

I am making a dent in the laundry and plan on having the majority of the bedding done before we leave today. Tomorrow is a write off and Thursday is being devoted to the house again. I've been putting off the sorting of the papers and I need to get it accomplished this week.

No word on the job yet... My boss is going to try to find out what the scoop is... I'd like to know soon... As it starts in 1 week.

Back to the drawing board for this ostrich.


Canadian Saver said…
Is this your overnight Maine trip?? Did you go to Bangor?

I can't believe you haven' heard about the job yet... I'd be on pins and needles!!!
Christine said…
U haven't called for a status update on the job? Still crossing my fingers.

And get that budget under control! What are you thinkin'?!?! ;)

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