Tuesday, July 21/09

I forgot to put in Sunday's spending. 5.20 for ice cream ( and it was really good), plus another 35 @ the grocery store as I had no bread, milk, eggs, etc.

Tuesday DD got 60 back from her friend , actually her dad gave it to me ( I think that's all she'll get), so I put 45 in gas for the car., Plus I spent 18.00 on movie tickets. The new Harry Potter movie was good, and I'm hoping to go see My Sister's Keeper tomorrow night.

Our trip to Maine has been postponed as there are no kennel openings. But maybe that's a good thing. We're going to make a day trip for sure, next week, plus we're going to go tubing ( renting an inner tube and float down the river) and I actually have plans too ( lunch with co-workers, plus a night time event). DD has a friend coming to town next Friday so I doubt that I'll see much of her the long week-end.

Still nothing official on the job front... But I'm packing up my office very slowly.


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