Tuesday July 14/09

It was a day where I used my Visa to pay for things... New glasses 385.00 ( complete with transition lenses), front door lock 180.97, plus a twoonie for coffee ( that I paid cash for).

My work place is slowly letting people know whats happening, but I'm trying to keep it quiet until word is official, as things can change sometimes. Someone I've worked closely with over the past while came to congratulate me ( I didn't know that my supervisor told them and it took me by surprise). My last day is scheduled to be next Friday, with a weeks vacation before I start elsewhere.

DD is very jet lagged. I'll have to buy something to help her get back on track and quick. Yesterday when we were driving home, she was hugging the dog very tightly as I told her that I had a possible lead on someone who may want him. I tear up every time I look at him right now, as I'll really miss him, but if I'm away all week, he won't get the attention he needs.

The house looks amazing. All the new windows are in except the basement ones. Today the siding should be completed and by Friday the exterior should be completed.


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