Thursday July 16/09

I spent 100.54 today on rope and 2 new light fixtures for the front door. I took money that DD didn't spend and returned it to the bank, I got 107 back in Canadian funds. I also bought a Pepsi @ work for 2.00.

I got a call from the potential new job... It comes with a significant raise ( which I did not know about), which would net about 500 more bi-weekly. I almost fell out of the chair at that one.

Things are falling into place, now all i need is a new vehicle. LOL In December I plan on buying a new car, if I don't win one first. ( I can only hope).

Tomorrow I work both jobs, so it'll be a long but productive day!

FYI I had to dip into my xmas fund for the house along with a couple other spots, as I ended up stripping the house down to the plywood and having the 1 inch foam insulation added, which cost about 1,000 more. The house looks beautiful... People are driving by and doing double takes. LOL


Canadian Saver said…
That is quite a bit more!!! I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for you!!
Me too, but it entails buying a whole new wardrobe as I own nothing suitable for the job. I figure 3 or 4 pairs of dress pants, 2 skirts, 2 jackets, a couple of cardigans, some blouses and turtlenecks, plus shoes and I'll be set. I'll need some accessories too, but I can work on that one. I also need new winter boots and coat, and so does DD.

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