Spending on Tuesday and Wednseday

I spent 31 + 17 + 13 on food, around 15 on snacks and drinks, 45 for gas and 37 for admission to www.kingslanding.nb.ca. We had a fabulous time there yesterday as it was hot and breezy. Lots of walking and checking things out, as One of my nephews came with me. It was an early birthday present for him, plus he had a chance to do something without his brothers for a change. DD got a lovely sunburn as an added bonus.

We ended up getting home late but I still managed to go out for a few hours with my co-workers. It was a nice evening to sit on a Patio and have a cold beer ( I drank a 1/2 pint of Rickard's Red,then switched to water).

I'm still waiting for news on the job front. Everyone on vacation so that's the big hold up, I've been advised that I can take vacation again next week while we're waiting for everything to go through. So I am, I'll have 2 weeks off in a row! I'm pumped about it, and DD is tickled that we'll end up in Maine ( Bangor and Freeport) next week.

Today is pouring rain, so more house work and sorting of papers for me...


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