Saturday July 18/09

Today I test drove a used Torrent with low KM's, and loved the way it handled. I do want to take it out again but for longer next time. I'm not sure if I want new or used, but if I get the new job I'm going to need something better than my 15 year old beater. I'll keep testing out vehicles for the next month or so.

We did spend 31.00 on food today, 1/2 was take-out and it was gross ( when will I learn), and the other was for a few things at the grocery store.

We finally got DD's bed back in her room, the frame is not assembled but she can sleep in her own bed tonight. I cleaned and napped today and tomorrow will be laundry day.I'll use both mine and my mom's washers to get everything done and use my mother's clothes line to hang bedding out.

My satellite has been out since the reno's have started, so I haven't watched tv for 9 days. I may end up canceling the satellite for the winter. I haven't decided on this yet.


Canadian Saver said…
Torrents are really nice! I bet they are hard on gas though?

Wow, no tv for 9 days?? I bet if you've broken that habit, if you've gone that long.
I think that gas rating was 34m/gallon? I'm going to do some more research, but I want something that will handle NB roads really well in the winter where I could be doing so much driving every week, and you know what state the highways can be in after a big storm. I checked out a few others, and I'm going to test drive a new cross over too tomorrow night. I'll keep you posted!
I think my m/g is wrong, way wrong, but I really want something that is bigger than a car. I've been thinking about all the wildlife on the roads too, moose , deer, bears... and the damage they can cause.
Canadian Saver said…
My sister has a Sante Fe and it does drive very well. We were in it last night on the highway at 1 am and you do feel safer than in a car.

It costs her about $70 to fill her tank, but it lasts longer since it's bigger, obviously. No idea on the gas per mileage on it though.

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