Saturday July 11/2009

I spent nothing today. Plus I worked the PT job and made 65.00. It helped that I knew a lot of the customers and they tipped me well, as it was very quiet. I did speak to the manager and told her what may be happening and she was very supportive. I'll most likely finish up there by mid-August. But I'll have to find something else, as I'll need to cover my expenses. Anyone have any ideas?

DD called last night but I was working. She flies home tomorrow. She still has no clue about whats going on. I'm thinking she'll be ok with everything. I'm more worried about the dog, as I may need to find him a new home if DD doesn't think she can handle him.

I'll need to buy a few groceries today ( bread and fruit), plus do laundry and get stuff put away. They'll be back tomorrow to do more work on the house.


Canadian Saver said…
She's going to have great stories and pictures from her trip!!

2 hours away is quite the trek. Will you be coming home every weekend? I'd look for a low-stress 2nd job, something Mon-Thurs if you are going to be home on weekends.

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