Saturday and Sunday

I didn't spend any money yesterday and I made 60 @ the PT job. I only took tables for a few hours, so its not bad considering.

Today we went to the beach and stopped to buy snacks and magazines spent 25 on that. we got nicely settled at the beach and were chatting when I noticed that the bottom of my foot close to my toes hurt. I was bitten by wither a deer or horse fly and it drew blood. I didn't give it a second thought. I took my nephew for a walk down the beach and my foot really hurt. My foot was swelling very fast, including my toes, so much so that I couldn't bend my toes. Plus it was very red and shiny. We ended up leaving the beach because none of us has any benadryl or anything for an allergic reaction. We got home and the swelling had gone down some but I still took some allergy medication. I was a bit scared, as I've never had a reaction like that from a bite. The sole of my foot is still swollen and hurts to walk on but I'll survive.

I did manage to buy some rubbing alcohol to clean the dryer out with, after having to ask for it at the store. They keep it under the cash now, as too many people were buying it to drink. LOL

Tomorrow is cleaning day here, and on Tuesday we're off for the night. I'm glad to be vaction this week, as my to do list is about as long as my arm.


Canadian Saver said…
That is really scary about your foot! Hope it feels ok tomorrow.

Enjoy your vacation!!

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