Monday July 13/09

Yesterday was full of events. First my references were called... Which is a very good sign.

Second another side of my home was completed, and the new front door is installed. But I forgot to buy the door handle, so I need to do that ASAP today.

Third my favorite brand of bra was on sale and I snagged 4 for 93.00. ( I'm very happy).

Forth DD made it home and bought some beautiful things. She spent under 1500 Canadian, including lunches and shoes. (I"m really impressed with that). One friend ran out of money, so she owns DD abut 120 Canadian ( How could a parent who I know makes 25,000 more a year than i do, plus his wife makes probably close to his salary let their child go with about 600 in Canadian funds and no back up source).

Lastly I told DD about the job and she's like cool, do I have to move? I said no, and she was fine.
She did mention that she wouldn't be able to handle the dog, so once the job offer is firmed up I'll be looking for a new home for puppy. :(

Anyone out there looking for a dog? I think he'd be great for a farm or large yard. Plus he's got personality plus!


Christine said…
I'm crossing my fingers for you! I love all the exciting news you have been sharing. Alot going on but your positive attitude has you handeling it all with grace.

Keep us updated!

ps. sorry about the dog
Canadian Saver said…
You should post a picture of your puppy so we can see what he looks like :-)

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